About Us

AAMBRA Foundation is a Government of India registered Non Profit Organization, approved under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961. AAMBRA came into formal inception in the year 2012 although it had been actively engaged in championing women’s causes for quite some time. The Foundation has conducted several national level seminars; and consumer awareness and skill development workshops in New Delhi, free of cost, towards the wider objective of women empowerment through information dissemination and skill development. The foundation has been proactive in highlighting issues of contemporary relevance for the common Indian and also the, Government, bureaucracy, media and civil society.


Our Objectives

Given its wide social ambit, AAMBRA’s objectives span a number of issues central to the development of any society. At the core, however, we aim to address gender issues via workshops, seminars, I.E.C. campaigns, etc. Such mechanisms will create an interface between marginalized and the ones in the position of power and authority, while helping develop grievance redressal forums. Further, this will also enable underprivileged sections gain better access to not only legal remedies but also counseling, consulting and connectivity. Our efforts as an advocacy will have the additional impact of strengthening women’s rights.

On the social front, AAMBRA seeks to take up issues related to women’s empowerment and promote holistic development of women through vocational training and developing market linkages. This, for us, is a specific subset of our attempts to promote the physical, psychological, and educational development - and upliftment - of all sections of society, without making any distinction of caste, creed, or religion. This AAMBRA endeavors to discharge through monetary contributions as well as the operation of institutions to promote and advance education, literature, the arts, sciences and culture.