We appeal to corporate houses for support to our activities in the domains gender equality and promotion of rights of children and vulnerable people. Partnership with Aambra Foundation is mutually beneficial as the corporate agencies get a platform for fulfilling their corporate social responsibility mandate, and we receive the much needed strength to work for causes that are socially relevant.

We are keen to forge partnership with corporate sector in the following ways:

Sponsorship of events: Since we organize events with high degree of interface with public, sponsorship of these events will contribute to your brand visibility.Both She Speaks and Aambrotsave offer excellent opportunities for sponsorship.

Payroll Giving: Corporate employees can decide to make a token donation in the form of a day’s salary or a fixed amount either on monthly basis or for a timeline opted by them. We shall be happy to work with the corporate houses to facilitate the plan for payroll giving.

Cause-linked Marketing: Weoffer three causes namely women’s empowerment, non-formal education and skills training for which your Company can start cause-related marketing. Under the plan, products of your Company may be marketed with a tagline on the cause that they are linked to and certain portion of the profit, say 1 or 2%, will be donated to Aambra Foundation in the name of the cause.

Skills Sharing: We understand that corporate staff members possess excellent skills that can be utilized for strengthening our interventions. Corporate staff are invited to conduct non-formal education classes under project Aarohan, contribute to organizational growth, and take up any of the activities conducted under She Speaks and Aambrotsave.

Direct Donation: Direct donation to Aambra Foundation is exempted from payment of tax under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. We shall be thankful to receive your direct donation which will be used only for the cause specified by you in the donation form.


We shall be happy to provide you additional information or clarification, so that you make an informed choice while building partnership with us.



Individuals havinginterest in the causes that we espouse are appealed to help us either in the form of donation or as volunteers. Your generous support will strengthen our endeavours.